Rare Tall Goebel Found!

A fellow doll collector, Leonor, contacted me earlier this month, asking if I was still looking for the tall version of the Goebel doll #4201? I told her yes, and she immediately shared that she found a seller in France that had one on her blog. She actually had two of them, but sold the brunette some time ago. The seller was willing to sell the blonde she had. I was so ecstatic that, this dear friend thought of me. After she received the doll, she notified me. Then, I sent her the payment for the doll and shipping to my address. I checked the mail today, and she was there!! Yippee!


Gigi2 arrived safely from France, along with some adorable ceramic pixie girls. A gift from Leonor. So sweet! Gigi2 was wearing a robe, and a pink dotted dress underneath that, then the original pink mod dress under that! Yup, she had a lot of extras on her! LOL Underneath Gigi2, has longer legs, torso and arms. If you notice her right hand reminds me of Clover or Italocremona’s Corrine dolls, with expressive hands. She has lovely blonde hair with curly bangs, and a pony tail. Here are the two Gigis’ side by side. Tall Gigi has same head size, face paint, and lips also oxidized to pale pink. Smaller Gigi’s hands are a bit similar in actions. Knees do not bend, for either girls. Lovely long eye lashes that are soft, not thick or coarse. Both have beautiful soulful blue eyes.

Gigi2 is wearing her original dress, panties, socks, and shoes. A lovely mod pink dress with blue flower applique. After a good shower and washing of her hair, I decided to keep it in a pony tail, and add a blue bow. Love her curly bangs! I do have to make her bend over a bit, to keep her from falling either backwards or forwards. You see her head makes it hard to keep her standing. Maybe a reason she wasn’t as popular… Hmm, I wonder?  Leonor is truly so very kind. Leonor is truly so very kind. I told her I would like to extend kindness, back to her. ^_~

I also received, this long awaited collectible, a dog named, “Victor”. This is from Japan. But upon searching for info. the dog’s name is actually, “Nipper”, for a company named, “The Victor Talking Machine Co.” Which then became RCA. I’ve always admired the ceramic dogs, that many Japanese collectors have on display by their stereo, or desk. Now, I finally was able to get one, and quite cheap too, whew. Nipper is actually small, about 2.5 inches tall. He comes with his original box. He will be added to my collection. One marked off my ISO List! I did get one more of these LOL small dolls, but I went through ebay to get the one I really wanted. A bit more costly, but at least I don’t have to buy a whole box to find the one, I wanted. Here is QT, I believe? Sorry, not sure. I only wanted her for her big eyes and Alice in wonderland look!  Via FB, I saw announced from AvaLovesRosie page, that she would release a cute vintage printed plastic cell phone case with adorable meyercord type art on etsy. I immediately went to her shop and found this lovely bear case! OMG, it’s even cuter in person! Now, my iphone is just adorable too! Check her shop out, she even has a mermaid case!! Oh, the temptation!! Squeeeeeee!

Thank you so much for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls


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