Vintage Online Finds!

Online finds arrive! Yay!

First, this in lovely condition Lapin Ficelle/ Bunny string holder from France. I was doing my usual searches and was in shock to find it still available on IG!! What?!! Yup, a really sweet seller Broc and Sisters, had this adorable piece still up for grabs. I had to read the post twice to be sure, and just in case, I was dreaming, I DMed them, and sure enough it was still available… Yessss!


So, I snatched it up. It arrived safely, and well packed to me Monday. It even came with its original scissors? I’m guessing. There are some manufacturer imperfections on his ear and left eyebrow, but otherwise beautiful. Now, to decide if I should let him go or not… ugh. If I do I will announce here or via IG that I’ve listed him? or not. LOL Second, these adorable pink Madame Alexander doll ballet shoes. I saw them and had them on my watch list through ebay for a few weeks now. I finally, caved and got them. They really look adorable and much more realistic for doll ballet shoes.  They are much too large for Barbie or any 1/6 size doll. So, maybe my Large Jenny might fit them? or Miss Take? Not sure. I will have to dig her out to find out…

For now, they will be displayed on my end table. So, adorable and I love the coloring too. When I was a little girl, I always wanted to dance ballet, but because of my condition. I never bothered. Maybe in another life… One can dream. Then, I bought myself another custom Raglans in pink and this time I had a blue bunny printed on it. I just loved my blue one, so why not in pink! They will definitely get a lot of wear too. I also had one custom made in a “Tahiti Blue” Raglan shirt. It’s Medium in adult and I’ve already listed it in my etsy shop! I may try other colors later on. At our Sunday lunch gathering our Aunt had just gotten back from her yearly visit to her daughter in Okinawa. She brought us back some goodies to try too! These “Year of the Dog” themed cookies, and Gudetama cookies too! The Gudetama cookies are flaky and so light and crunchy, it has a vanilla cream in between two waffle type cookies. The themed cookies are like really rich in flavor “Butter” cookies. They just melt in your mouth. Oh my goodness. It’s dangerous to have them beside you! LOL

Jenny, even gave us this neat, “Oh Sushi” game, or I’m thinking a type of Sushi Jenga. If you know what Jenga is? We can’t wait to try it for our family game night!

Last, I saw during the Christmas break a fellow collectors cute video of her talking ornaments. I finally got brave enough to ask her about how she created it. She sent me the info. and I’m so glad she did!!

See Video Here!

What do you think? It was fun to create, and just what I need to promote my goods!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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