Latest Finds Arrive!

Oh my Christmas is just one day away! Time sure is flying super fast now! Anywho, here are some things that I picked up online and at our local Kmart!


I caved, I went back to Kmart and saw that these cuties were still there and now on sale! Yay! So, I picked up one with antlers and one in tan. I will take a photo of the one I got through Yahoo Japan and these guys all together soon. They are about 4 inches tall and in lovely condition. Made cheaply as compared to my original and from Hong Kong. Labeled as Jaclyn Smith collection Christmas decor. Was $6.99, I got them for $2.97 each.

While looking around for other good buys, I found this!! A Holiday Illumination decor, titled, Glass Cloche LED battery operated. It was about $27.99 on sale at $11.99. Yay! I got myself one, and upon inspection, it was not glass, but thick plastic dome, plastic base, with battery compartment. Inside, is a wire with little tear drop glass bulbs with tiny LEDs. Not too bad, and I probably paid regular price for something made like this. Oh well, still it was lovely, and I’ve always wanted these type of lights. I’ve seen them at a local furniture store in a bottle or tower as decor. I thought about buying one and taking out the lights to light up my dresser. No need too now, with this Cloche. Yay! When it’s lit up they look like tiny fire flies inside a jar to me! So cute. I am able to place my cute bunny ceramic inside too. The lights don’t heat up, so they are safe near cloth. It also has a timer, you can leave it turned on, and it will light up for 6 hours. Then, turn off for 18 hours.

Also, in the mail, I got this Molten Glass on drift wood through etsy. The first time I saw one was at my friends house. I fell in love with hers and decided to get one. This one came all the way from Florida. Well packed and arrived safely to me. I can’t wait to decorate it, and display it on my dresser. It just drift wood with the glass. I wonder if they just set it down on top of the wood to allow the glass to cool and set? Because on the underside of the glass, it matches the wood shelf where it sits nicely. So, that it won’t fall off. So natural looking… Just great for air plants, succulents, etc. to decorate with! In this case, Charlotte is inside… an aquarium perhaps?

Finally, I also got this lovely Lenticular Christmas postcard from our guest house friends, Kazuaki and Makiko N. of Japan. How sweet is this card?! I will definitely treasure it. Love lenticular cards so much!

Hope your Christmas weekend is going well everyone!

Thank you for visiting! ~ ggsdolls


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