My Copyright Poem, Upcycled Projects, Snaps from Guam!

This past summer, I decided to get a poem I had written back in 1995 copy written. I knew one day, I would probably publish it, but at the same time I wanted to be sure it was protected. So, I paid the $40 and finally after about 5 months, my written works is certifiably copyrighted with The Library of Congress! Yay! I got the letter and certificate in the mail today!

Here is my poem…


I was about 24 years old and still trying to find myself, when I wrote this poem. I photographed, Sara and Tadie Muz for the poem over the Summer, 2017. What do you think of it? Love to hear your thoughts.

I also decided to work on some projects that were sitting around. This cutie I posted before here. Sadly, I just noticed his hairline crack, ran down his face and mouth too. Ugh. I decided to make him a furry. He’s just to cute not too, with his huge head and big eyes. Turned out nicely too.  This cutie, I added a red dotted bow and a black ribbon. She’s already listed in my shop. She’s so very prissy isn’t she?

I’m planning to re-flock the dog coin bank with red beret. More on him later.

I took some photos while we were at the beach over the weekend. It was overcast and started to rain, but still lovely… Then, last night the moon was huge from the North as we headed to the Airport to drop off my mother in-law’s car. She was coming in from a late flight.

Have a wonderful week everyone and many warm hugs from Guam!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls


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