Online Kitschy Cute Finds!

My how time flies, it is already December 2nd here on Guam and its beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Here are some kitschy cute finds that made its way through all the Christmas hubbub!

I found this cute vintage posedoll sitting with blue hair on Yahoo Japan. She will need a bit of cleaning. But, I just love her tropical dress and blue hair!


Maybe I will add a bow to her hair after clean up?! This unique vintage figurine from Yahoo Japan, is an African boy planter, I believe. Just found him unique and may need a bit of touching up on his paint. He will be added to my etsy shop soon! I found this cutie with no bidders via Yahoo Japan! Vintage spotted puppy with a red beret. He is a coin bank and will be added to my shop on etsy.

I just love his big eyes. His beret may need a bit of re-flocking, but otherwise, he’s just adorable! I also won this lot of glico girly toys. I really wanted the pink case most. Many tiny vintage treasures I’ve seen on the glico girls toy boxes. The bunny head is a purse, a ring with a butterfly and flower that move, a bear brush and mirror, a pair of scissors with mirror and comb combo. My fave, the case like purse, inside, is a tiny comb and mirror. I will have to look for one of my mirror sticker sheets to replace the mirror sticker that is missing. I’ve seen this set before, I believe it may be a Lotte Licca chan set instead of glico? I also wanted to share, I found a shop through etsy that can do custom designs Raglan Baseball shirts. I did a test run and got this cute shirt with meyercord bunny made. It’s actually a 2XL, but had Taby model it for me anyways. LOL, its PJs on her! I love how it turned out, and the price was not bad too!

More on this soon! Then, after picking up Taby from half day class, we decided to go to the mall and have lunch! We had to check out Ross too! We saw this cute sheep hoodie, it was so soft, but too warm for Guam! LOL There was even a pink one, that was a bunny. You can barely see the faces on the hoodie. Still cute. One size fits all type. As we sat and ate lunch, I noticed a lot of Japanese school students, mostly boys, so maybe an All Boy High School, was touring the mall. I was very happy to see that the Japanese student exchange programs have started back again and more Japanese tourists are coming back to Guam! Yay! A blessing for sure.

I hope you all are having a good early December and getting into the giving spirit. For me, its a bit of a slump, but hopefully the Christmas Spirit will enlighten me asap?!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls


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