Goods from Abroad

I’ve been busy with some creative work as of late and it took up a lot of time and attention. So, after trying to take a bit of a break, here’s what I received in the mail this past week!

While doing some searches two weeks ago via ebay, I found this lovely vintage Cortendorf Girl Wall Pocket! Made in West Germany, she was one of my ISOs. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the listing… She arrived from the West Coast.


She is in practically mint condition for her age. Sadly, no sticker, but still lovely. I can’t wait to put her up on my wall. She has the number, “3470” carved at the back, two areas to mount her, securely. If you look at her eyes, she is made similarly to Aral Rubber dolls, also my Tadie Muz Clone dolls, etc. I’ve always wanted one. Now, to find more, perhaps?! Haha. I also found and won this Lot of vintage goodies from Japan. Vintage posedoll kit, several pcs. of celluloid chopstick cases, fabric decals or perhaps stickers. This lovely vintage posedoll craft kit, is mint and complete. I will add it to my shop soon.

These very colorful celluloid chopstick cases will also be added to the shop. There are four of one style, and five of the other. The decals are so cool, some characters are amazing. I will open them, as there are several in each packet, and possibly do a set of each to be added to my shop also. This cool Popeye decals, Doremon too. There are felt decals and cute appliques too! My faves, are these lovely anime retro girl decals! There are two in each. I will sell one set and keep one. Very retro too! I’ve also added these adorable products on POAM! So, be sure to check em’ out!

Thank you for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls


2 thoughts on “Goods from Abroad

    • Hi dear Sara, awe, thank you so much dear. I truly appreciate your thoughts on her. She has been on my wishlist for some time. I just wasn’t sure if I’d ever find one. So, glad I did. Many hugs, Gigi


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