Another Kitty Figurine Find!

Today, I wanted to share with you a ceramic kitty find via instagram, that was awesome!

While doing my usual browsing, I came across a vintage clothing seller that had some cute ceramic cats for sale. I immediately wrote her to ask for a tag, if she should sell. But, didn’t hear from her for a few days. When she did write me, she shared that her ceramic kitties were still available. Of course, I jumped at the chance to buy them and I’m so glad I did.


They arrived to me in this lovely retro wrapped box. Awe, just amazing. I love the vintage feel and care, Freakshow Vintage, took to send this to me. Thank you dear! The figurines were in need of extra cleaning. Some dark caked on dust on them and the taller kitty was missing his gold tone chain. The bonus was finding the original sticker still on one of them. They are slightly taller than my other cuties, but these are not shakers like my pink ones. These eye lash kitties are on many of my fellow collectors wish lists, including mine. The pearlize coloring just makes them all the more adorable. The two sets I own in my collection.

The girls and I tried some of the retro whistle candies in strawberry and grape. They are very much like those long koolaid sticks you’d buy at the store. Very sweet. Eek! But, they do come with little plastic toys too. A spinning top and a swamp thingy figure. Interesting. LOL I also came up with an idea for a new design on my t-shirts via Society6 and on POAM.   On Society6, you can order this lovely ggsdolls Lapin/Bunny face design by me! In pastel colors of pink, blue, yellow, and white for $24.99. Link here! They are offering Free shipping too! On POAM, you could order this white T-Shirt with a larger design of ggsdolls Lapin/Bunny Face by me for $38.00. Link here! I will admit, this is a bit more expensive, but the feel of the cotton is very nice.

So, be sure to check em’ out, and thank you so much for any purchase!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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