Latest Online Finds Are In!

It’s been really busy, with the long holiday weekend, PO being closed, and such. So, finally, today, I can share some of the goods I found… First, I got these cute cat shakers from etsy. They remind me of Holt Howard’s cats. But these are by Tilso, Japan. I have plans to make them into cute furries. So more soon!


This adorable puppy planter, I got through IG. He’s in pristine condition, and I just fell in love with his big eyes. I will be adding him to the shop soon. By American Ceramics, made in Japan. From same seller, I got this rubber squeak toy ballerina bunny. She’s quite large standing a little over 12 inches. Someone on IG, made the comment, that she looked like a chocolate bunny! Ha, no kidding, she does! “Dreamland Creations, 1956.” marked at the base. She will be added to the shop as well. I redressed, Nana, in a Licca chan repro dress left, and a Tutti Bathing suit, right. She is just adorable…

I also, found a pink haired Ninohira squeak doll through ebay, finally too. I didn’t realize how small they were. She will need a bit of a repaint. More on her later. My fourth pin cushion chair, and upcycled. Yes, I know, I’ve gotten obsessed. Tee Hee… A commissioned planter, that was found via ebay. This will be sent to lovely Australia! I was very glad to help a fellow collector get it. I found this lovely minty pink haired Pixie with wings from ebay. Just love her cotton candy pink hair! She will be added to my collection.

This huge Lot from Yahoo Japan, just arrived to me. I hope to clean them up a bit, and add some to my shop soon! A few, I will keep also. Read on, to see what was in the Lot…


1. This lovely stork nursery planter, has a cute baby hanging from its beak. It will be added to the shop. 2. Lot of three elf figurines in a lovely pearl iridescent pastel colors of pink and blue. I will also add to the shop. 3. This lovely pink bunny couple figurine set. I have removed the old ribbons and added new one’s to them. They will be added to the shop. 4. This lovely bunny fur white poodle with glasses. Needs major cleaning. I will be adding him to the shop too. 5. This lovely rare, unicorn planter in red vase. I have the blue one. I will have to decide if I want to trade for it or sell… ???

6. This adorable little bee figurine. Still has his antennae. He will be added to the shop too. 7. This cute Kappa creature figurine. He is missing his partner. It may be in the other Lot, I am waiting for? If he does have a partner, I will list them later in my shop. 8. The 2nd time I’ve found this cute pink mermaid figurine. She is in lovely condition, I will see if I can take away that spot on her tail. I will list her with the cute Whale shaker too. They go very well together! 9. Another lovely white pearl iridescent deer, with her original pearl necklace. I know her partner is in the other lot coming. So, I will list these together, when it does arrive.

10. My favorite of the Lot! It was hidden at the back too. At first, I wasn’t sure if I had seen it, but, I knew it was included in the lot, or at least I was hoping so. Yesssss, it was! An adorable white and blue dot planter with the cutest Deer with big eyes. I’ve seen the figurines sold via kitschandkawaii’s shop on etsy. But, to find this planter… Yay!  Sorry, this one is a keeper! 11. This lovely small vintage pink cat couple figurine set. Just adorable, and I added a blue and yellow ribbon to both. They will be added to the shop also.

More to come…

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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