Prayers For Peace

I just wanted to send this post to all of you… my dear friends, bloggers, readers, and lurkers of blogs, that all of us on Guam are fine. We truly appreciate your heart felt wishes, prayers and thoughts for us all, here on Guam. It means a lot to us, that you are sending prayers this way.

Peace is what we all want, and sometimes it does come at a price. We’ve known for quite some time that Guam is a strategic place for the US, otherwise, they wouldn’t have fought to keep us a territory. It’s just ironic, that we celebrated our 73rd Liberation from the Japanese, last month, on July 21st.

But, hey, life goes on, and we are living as usual. I believe, that there is strength in knowing God, and that prayers do give us hope for peace. Guam’s people are strong in faith, and in hope. We survived, 300 years of Spanish Colonial Rule. Chamorros will live on.

Thank you all again, from the bottom of my heart,



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