Rocket Camera Japan!

This week, I found and won a very interesting piece…

Here is a vintage 1950s Rocket Camera, Rocket Camera Co., made in Japan Pat. #359573. It uses 16 exposures on a 120 film. I’ve seen some info. on it from other collectors, but not on how to use it etc. I guess I will have to play with it to find out.


I’m thinking it’s more of a toy camera… not sure how it was marketed in Japan. The body is made of metal and tin. Very simple features and the front left handle is for the shutter, not exactly, the the right handle is for?  It was listed for a nice price. Definitely, caught my interest and I will let you know if I get some film, and try it out… In the mean time, here is a collector’s camera/Crafty Dogma and the flickr group showing film using the camera here.

I also had Taby help me to model the cute doll bag, I got. Now, I can take Gigi with me everywhere! Yippee! I also used one of the cute gift fabric stickers from my last post. Doesn’t it look so cute on this jumper that Gigi is wearing?

I also, stopped by the Goody Store and picked up some new fabrics. Now, I have these in blue! They will be nice as background props for my photos.

Finally, this quite unique, and mint in package squeak toy set from Japan. Adorable otters, I believe holding shells and they squeak too. Along with a small floaty. They have the cutest faces. Nice and minty too. Their heads can turn. Now, the hard decision… to keep or not too?! LOL

Thank you for visiting! ~ ggsdolls


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