Gigi Goebel in New Fashions!

I had been saving my photos of Gigi in her new/old digs as of late, to show you when I had at least several fashions for her…

So, here’s the big reveal…


Gigi is wearing a dress by Fun World doll named, Huggles. 1960s. Her stockings are by dollmore. But make sure you wash them before allowing your doll to wear, or they will stain the doll. Her white shoes are vintage by Schildkröt, in Germany.


This fashion is also by Fun World, looks very similar to Uneeda’s Little Sophisticates doll fashion, its a see through top with white romper underneath. Definitely a knock-off. 1960s, and shoes by Azone International for Kikipop dolls, red ballet shoes. Red and white polka dot ribbon head scarf from my collection of random ribbons.


This dress also vintage made in Hong Kong, for Lorrie doll, 1960s. I did have to take in the buttons, so it won’t be too loose a fit on her. The fashion came with orange stockings, that fit her perfectly, and also the same white flats from earlier. Orange dotted ribbon scarf from my collection of random ribbons. I hope to show other fashions I find, that fit her later on… So, stay tuned!

Do you recall? I showed this lovely cutie I adopted last month and now, I finally am able to show the end result…

Upcycled, repainted bunny egg cup is now a pin cushion! I repainted the eye lashes, added eye shadow, a felt pillow in yellow, and heart shaped pins! She looks adorable. I may add her to my shop soon!

Also, I got this lovely knitted Blythe doll hat for Gigi made by BlablaBlythe on etsy. I fell in love with the colors and how they blend. Now, I just need to find a fashion to match it… LOL More later.

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls


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