Kitschy Cute Finds!

Oh my gosh, one of my favorite posts to date. I was able to find these amazing items, through instagram and Yahoo Japan. Here’s what they are…

First, a lovely friend via instagram was selling some gorgeous vintage steel key holders. She had 3 up for grabs. Sadly, I was only able to get one, but, it was one I wanted, so, yay me!


Vintage steel black key holder with 1970s or maybe 60s big eyed girl art. It arrived so quickly to me from the states. Thank you Quimby’s Mom on IG! I love it. She even added a card, just so sweet. The card reminds me of “The Last Unicorn” movie…

Sara took out her cute Sanrio toy Pompompurin. She forgot she had him in her backpack! A great friend to take with her on her slumber date with a friend! I also stopped by at the “Goody Store” and picked up a few things, that I had forgotten to take a photo, but I didn’t forget to take a quick pic of the Japanese cookie snack, “Nishimura Boro” mini cookies. They are quite tasty and similar to our Chamorro, “Rosqueti” cookies. They just melt in your mouth! Yum!

My ultimate find via Yahoo Japan!! Finally, my ISO… I actually, saw this up for auction last week. I found this very same figurine set last year and tried to bid. Sadly, I lost and thought I would never find them up for grabs again…


To my surprise, they were! I bidded and won. I made sure to ship them to me quickly and they arrived in the mail. Vintage Swan figurine couple set. I think they may be Rune Naito, only because of the cute sticker eyes and definitely from her earlier works, perhaps. All original, with blue and pink polka dotted ribbons, suede bottoms to keep them from sliding off places. Sticker eyes. No markings on them, about early 70s, late 60s.  I love the design and look. Definitely reminds me of “Swan Lake” by Toei Animation studios. They will be keepers!

Beautiful, slender and so elegant. Yay, my ISO found!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls



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