Trades, Goodies Arrive, ETC.

Today’s mail was very much anticipated. I’ve been busy with other things to do finds as of late. But, last week was a bit better.

Here’s what came in today.

I traded my vintage plaster aqua cat coin bank for these cute vintage Poodle chained, figurines. They are small, but oh so cute! My trading partner Ana H. covered my box in this lovely floral wrapping paper, and even added a sweet note! Thank you dear sweet Ana!


They both arrived safely and are just so darn cute. I will have to take a comparison photo of the rubber squeak dog, I have that looks similar to them, but in squeak toy form. They have, “Japan” stamped at the bottom. They will need a bit of cleaning, and I’ve already painted the large one’s nose, and shortened the chain a bit. It was a bit longer, probably means, there may have been a larger one with them? Perhaps. They will be added to my collection.

This amazing large pantsuit gal, I found via ebay and won! She stands about 13 inches tall and quite unique. I cleaned her up and washed and conditioned her hair. Very frizzy too, unfortunately. Also, she is supposed to have two ponytails, judging by the part at the back. Love her big eyes though. Sadly, no markings on her at all. She also squeaks! I will have to take a comparison photo of her next to another doll, so you can see the scale. She may be added to my shop soon…


I also ordered these cute pink Kikipop pink ballet shoes from Amiami. My Gigi doll(Goebel doll #4201) can fit them, so I may order other colors if they are still available.


While, Taby was at her Driver’s Practice on Sunday. Sara and I decided to get some groceries at Payless Supermarket in Hagatna, and we picked up two blind boxes of Kabaya Jewel Box toys. Inside, I got a purple lace choker necklace with heart, and chocolate, and the 2nd box had ear decor, butterfly clips in pink. Yup, You read that right, ear decor. On the side of the box it says you can place the butterfly clips on the lower half of the ear, just above the earlobe, as decoration! Ha. Only Japanese would think of kawaii ear decorations like that.


Taby kept both items. Glad she would enjoy them more! LOL

I also received a vintage Maggie playmates doll. Not photographed. She will sacrifice her clothes for my sweet Gigi doll. More pics of that soon as well. I am also expecting a few figurines in the mail for my shop this week! More on them when they arrive!

Much love, ~ ggsdolls

Update: Comparison Photos!



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