Vintage Litho Art Print by Eden!

I recently used “Buy it Now” on ebay for this cute vintage Litho art print by Eden, called, “Pensive”. I just love it. Most of Eden’s works are lovely, but this one, is my fave, I think, unless I find another? Haha.


It came with its original plastic frame, very kitsch. A small print at 8 X 10, but still lovely. She will be added to my collection of art prints on my wall. I’ve already put her up too! Tee hee.


Then, just to mention, I decided to change my IG profile pic, and took a close up of my cutie, Goebel. Since she is made by Goebel, I might as well name her Gigi! Right? I had fun playing with her image on the app prisma… Maybe a bit too much fun!


Last, I decided to update my etsy shop banner, and took out my toy jewelry accessories. Also, the cute trinket box I got. These are the best photos I took, below. The banner has already been updated. The 2nd photo didn’t make the cut, but I just had to share the two cute knick knack ceramic cuties. I hope to find more of them… someday!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week, where ever you may be?!

Much love, ~ ggsdolls


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