Finds and Trades…

It’s been a regular week, and kids are back to school… Here’s what came in the past 3 days!

I have often seen many of my fellow collectors with these cute tall white deers! Earlier this year I had a chance to buy a set, but the price was just a bit much at the time and I couldn’t afford them. So, months later, Christine on etsy, had the pair up for sale in her shop! I told myself, I could at least get one… and I did.


It is quite large, not that I expected it to be very small, but, Wow! Christine packed it nice and safely! I always enjoying getting items from her shop when I can.  This vintage white deer is big, like 11inches of tall-ness! Stamped “Japan” underneath, there is a partner, facing left, that I didn’t not get at this time… Maybe next time? I love their doe-y big eyes! I may replace the ribbon or not. Now, to find a spot to display her!


On IG, a sweet fellow collector Nichole, asked if I’d like to trade for one of my rubber squeaks I had in my shop. So, I agreed. She receive her cute squeak just before the weekend, and I got her cutie in the mail the other day!  This small and simply adorable ceramic bunny in white, with floral decor and blue bow, is just too cute for words!  She has similar eyes to my cute pink sheep mug, and the sticker is the same, “K&K Originals”. She still has her original stopper, Yay. A great addition to my collection…

Last, this amazing find via etsy! Shabby chic vintage child’s chair or is it a shelf? I fell in love with, of course for the meyercord bunny decal on it. It is large and arrived safely to me, packed really well for the journey.   It took a bit longer to arrive, but was so worth it. I just need to decide where to display it now, and what to put on it. I may store my assortment of ribbons inside the drawers?! For easier access.  I need to start looking at my storage containers and cabinet to see what else will be ready to put up for adoption… Stay tuned!

Thank you for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls


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