Today’s Rare Finds…

I received a few boxes the past few days from Yahoo Japan, and here’s what came in…

A Finder’s Service commission below. Lovely cute needle felt animal by Japanese artist.


…and this amazing vintage tin tea tray! I am just in love with it. Lovely vintage graphics of a girl doll perhaps, having lunch with her bear, bunny, and bird friends. The girl reminds me of those posedolls that are more child-like then lady-like, with her cute chubby cheeks and legs. Definitely a keeper. Made in Japan. I’m sure there was a matching tea set!

I was able to win these cute pink deer couple with chain. Just adorable. I paid to have the ceramics double wrapped, and when I opened this set, I’m surprised they didn’t crack, since there was only a single piece of bubble wrap protecting them from hitting each other in the box?! Very disappointed, since I paid extra… ugh.  But, I am very happy they didn’t get damaged. These two are very cute and remind me a lot of the reindeer couple I painted in white with red dots.  I love his crossed eyes, just make them all the more cute! These cuties will be added to my shop!

I won this lot of two Rune Naito Ceramic cat figurines. I thought they were coin banks, but sadly they aren’t. Still they look so cute together, don’t they?!

Both in lovely condition, and they still have their original Rune Naito sticker stamp.  I believe they are from around the 70s or so. I will be adding them to my shop as well.

Last, are these amazing pink reproduction canisters. I read a blog that said they were released back in 2009. Sadly, they are sold out, and I’ve been on the look out for them for about a year. So, you can imagine my surprise to find them up for auction. Yippee and to win them, double yippee!


I recently saw my fellow collector friend Miss Nostalgia sell her set. I found out a few days late that she had them up for purchase. Oh well, when a few days later, this set showed up. I made sure to put my bid in. These will be added to my collection of course, and I’ve listed my Merryco canister set in my shop if anyone is interested? These are similar to the 1960s plastic canisters by Lustroware or Rubbermaid. Reproductions of course from China, and with lovely Meyercord decals of a bunny, cat, dog, and deer. Now, to find a spot to display them…hmm.

Please be sure to check my etsy shop for the latest items up for grabs. Use my coupon for a discount! I will be on a little vacation next week, so the shop will be closed for a bit, but will reopen on April 8th!

Also, an update, the winner for my ggsdolls retro pink dog is Sparklecious on IG! Congrats dear for winning her. I will be in touch with you shortly for your info. I truly appreciate Nadine for being the sole contributor to the giveaway!


Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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