It’s Been A Bit Since My Last Post…

It’s been a somewhat busy week and not much moving as far as receiving mail. So, I’ve been trying to focus on other things…

Like taking in the beautiful early morning sky after my youngest daughter gets picked up from the bus. It’s been dry mostly this week, and we’ve been blessed with beautiful sunrises on this side of the island with amazing views of the sunsets in the evening. I think no matter where you are in the world, if you just stop from the hustle of daily life, and take in your surroundings… Like the smell, and see, not just look or feel where you are, and what you are doing in that moment. Then, you can say thank you to “God” or whomever your beliefs are in, and be “Thankful”, truly thankful for the good things you have in your life.


Oops, sorry for being deep there. Ha.

Continuing on… I did have some errands to do uptown and made sure to try out the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake. Every year they have them, and honestly, I’ve only tried it this time! LOL. Not bad, I think the Frappe’ is better, but that’s me. It’s an interesting flavor of mint, not strong minty-ness. But, refreshing. Sara had to rest. I’m glad she liked it.


I’m going through my collection slowly and listing many items that I have, that will be now available to you. I’m trying to minimize my collection and keep the things I find, for sale in my shop. Rather than looking for things for myself. But, the funny thing is, when you find things you like, you find that most of those things, others like just as much as you do! Haha. It’s all good, I just have to tell myself, “I want others to enjoy them.” Though it’s true some of the things I do have I just can’t seem to let go just yet… Anyhow, keep an eye on my shop or website list. They may just show up?!

By Friday, I received this Froebel-Kan vintage children board book titled, “Mothers and Babies.” I was contacted recently, to help a customer find two certain books from the series. Prior to her contacting me, I already had a few books on order that came in, like this one via ebay. I am still awaiting a few others.

It was actually Gretchen M. of Shop66, that introduced me to these amazing books. Not only are they quirky, and cool, they have amazing vintage dollies and toys of yesterday! If you have any of these books, they have kewpies, squeak baby dolls, stuffed plushies! Nice to see what they all looked like mint. Look at these roly polies! I’ve seen the duck one often through my searches. This book, in particular has many vintage dolls and toys, so cool.

Then, I decided to take a shelfie pic…


Love the colors on my dresser. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls


2 thoughts on “It’s Been A Bit Since My Last Post…

  1. What a beautiful sunrise, and you’re so right about just taking a moment to look around and be thankful. I love this time of year when the mornings are crisp and clear, it feels so peaceful being out and about as the sun is rising.

    As for the Mc Donalds Shamrock Shakes, how strange it is that I live in Ireland and have never been able to find one! You’d think they’d sell them here of all places, right? But no, or at least not anywhere near where I live. Maybe someday the Irish inspired drinks will come to Ireland and I can try one too! ^_~

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    • Thank you dear friend for your thoughts ❤ I'm glad you are taking in all the beauty in your world.

      Oh my, really?! I must say, I hope you do get a chance to try one, one day. That is truly interesting, that in other places in the world, people, believe they are making something, that is done elsewhere. I know how you feel, I read a post on facebook, that in the United States there is a restaurant in Florida, that has a dish supposedly made by Chamorros on Guam. When I read their menu and the name of this dish, (Which at the moment, I can't recall, sorry). I've never in my life heard of that dish, or that my Grandma or my Mother ever made it?! Sadly, it ends up being a false tradition. I would love to know what it is that you all do there to celebrate St. Patrick's Day? Many hugs, Gigi


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