Happy Mail for Saturday!

Some amazing goodies have arrived! Yay! Here’s what came in…


A traded cutie, another board book for my collection, a few items from Yahoo Japan! First, I received a children board book from etsy. By Froebel Kan, titled, “Off for a Ride.” The book has a few vintage items I’ve come across through searches on Yahoo Japan.

Look, its Chika-chan with her cute doggie! Even some crafting dollies I’ve seen on etsy! LOL

This unopened vintage squeak toy set with Kewpie doll will be added to the shop soon! Yes, I opened it. Cleaned them up and they will be in the shop later! Adorable squeeze toy bear, love his starry eyes too! Nice and minty and still squeaks.  This cute kewpie also nice and minty. I will list each separately in my shop.


I also, won this doll fashion set for a 55cm or 21 inch tall dolly. Hhm, I wonder who I should dress up in this one?! Jenny, Yui, decisions, decisions. Ha. This adorable cutie I won for a customer using my Finder’s Service! She is on her way to her new home Monday! These amazing handmade needle felt cuties are just adorable!  Last, my trade with the truly amazingly talented Taylor or wildgravity on IG. She adopted my tan boy with the nude bottom for her Miss Cutie Pie cup! Yay, I’ve been wanting at least one Miss Cutie Pie, and now I do! Thank you Taylor for all the extras too dear!

She is a welcome sight to my collection! Please check my shop, I am slowly listing many rare items from my collection up for grabs… Time to lessen my hoard! Teehee ❤
Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls


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