2nd Set of Vintage Nursery Cups!

Last month a fellow collector friend via IG, shared that she was selling her vintage animal cups. I saw the post and asked her about them…

She had a beautiful set, with no major flaws or problems. I took the leap and asked if I could do a layaway and got them! Yay, a late birthday gift to myself, since I didn’t get a chance to make it to Japan, the weekend of my birthday. Back story, I got sick with the flu and we had to cancel the whole trip…


The cups arrived and they are simply adorable! I did list my first set in my shop if any of you are interested?  ^_~  Each still have their sticker too.


I finally got a chance to work on washing and cleaning up this Lot of squeak toys, I got from ebay. I mainly wanted the lot for the cutie in the center. He reminds me of Iwai toys.

I also took a photo of the three red flocked cuties in my collection together. They are in my display case.

I also received this sweet fella, he will be added to my shop later today. Well-loved too! I’m sure someone will gladly adopt this cutie…

Thanks for visiting! ~ ggsdolls


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