Goodies in This Week!

Here’s what came in this week! I have been busy searching and finding more items to add to my shop later! So, be sure to check my shop often. I hope to have some new/old vintage goodies listed soon!

I got this cutie through IG, reminds me of those cute Ninohira squeak dolls. A copycat version perhaps. Made in Taiwan. In the shop soon.


This cutie is for a customer using my “Finder’s Service”. I was able to help her get a dream Needle Felt handmade cutie from Japan. This blue bunny, is already on its way to her new owner.


This unique cute early, Rune Naito ceramic coin bank bunny, I was able to get from an online Japan shop. Poor guy, needed some major cleaning, from caked on dust, from years of sitting on a shelf, I believe… You can see the before and after pics. Named, “Pipi”, this cutie has sticker eyes and her sticker name.  Original sticker tag underneath. She stands about 7″ tall.  I’ve added a hot pink ribbon, and she is ready for the shop. Love her big head. Sara likes her too!


I finally took some shots of the cute boy squeak toy I got from Narita. He’s so minty. Love it. I hope to get more items next week?! I’m expecting a rare find too for the shop!

Have a great weekend you all and much love, ggsdolls


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