Today’s Happy Mail…

It’s been a busy week, and mail is a bit slower due to the holiday season. So, here are some items that came in a bit later than usual…


I found a 2nd vintage thermos in baby blue with cherry blossoms. I have one of them already listed if you are interested, in my etsy shop!

Then, this cute ceramic dog couple from Yahoo Japan. No one bidded it on it and so I was able to get it at a nice price too. They will be added to my collection.

I then found these rare vintage ceramic cup animals, Duck, Chick, Lamb, and Rabbit via ebay. They need a repaint. For now, I’m just happy to have them. Made in Japan, my fave is the lamb.


This cute vintage Knickerbocker Pouty Bear, I found through ebay. He is small and sweet at 7inches tall. He needed to be resewn on his backside though. Previous owner, did a quick fix with black thread and didn’t really try to conceal the break in the fur. So, I fixed that. I also had to sew a rip in the fur on his left thigh.

He also needed a repaint on his nose, and blushing I will do later. I added a teal polka dot ribbon. His fur got much more fluffy after his bath. Yay! Just too cute.


He and Baby bunny are good friends and sit on my dresser for me to admire…

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls




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