New Vintage Finds!

I’ve been trying to find mostly affordable vintage goodies online as of late. Here’s what I found through etsy…


This interesting cutie caught my eye while searching for rubber squeaks. It reminds me of those vintage ceramic Arnart flat head figurines. I’ve seen this poodle before and a cat, I believe. His squeaker doesn’t work, I will try to find a replacement for it…


I will also do some retouches to his eyes and eyelashes. He a lot larger than I thought he’d be. I will add him to the shop soon. Along with him, I found this cutie dolly and a ceramic Elephant nursery planter.

Cute vintage Forsum dolly, her body is very similar to my Herman Pecker doll here. She has her original Santa’s helper dress and red boots.


Her original tag by Forsum, made in Japan. I will add her to my shop as well. The planter arrived like this, sadly. The etsy seller was nice enough to immediately give me a refund and I decided to glue him together…

You can still see the cracked areas, but he was just too cute not to try. He was quite huge too!

I also found this lovely fabric from the Goody Store, with rabbits, hedgehogs, squirrels and deer on it!


To end the day, we also received a lovely Pop-up card from dear friends in Japan, that stayed in our guest house! So very kind and sweet. Thank you Nakane Family!


Very Festive and goes well on our new TV entertainment center my husband made!

Thank you for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls


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