1950s Gayware Harlequin Kitchen Canister Knockoffs!

Holey-moley, I can just about scream! In my hands are the most amazing kitchen canisters one can ever own… I’m literally shaking here. Vintage Gayware Harlequin Kitchen Canisters!! Read more about the history of Gayware here, thanks to, “The Vintage Post” and also here by, “Urban Rustic”.

I was asked by a famous Kitsch Queen collector via IG, if I wanted to trade for my vintage ceramic made in Japan with something they had. I won’t say too many details, but, they, basically made it irresistible.

These amazing canisters arrived to me safely today! So excited. I was thrilled beyond belief… Then, as I checked to see if they were original Gayware, Noooo! Oh well, they were the copycats also sold around the same time. Dang it. I guess it was not meant to be. But, at least it was a nice, complete set though. One has got to find a silver lining. LOL


Nice, complete and with some ware on certain spots, but, amazing to finally have. I love the retro look they give.  Sadly, can’t fit all of them atop my wall cabinet. But, that’s okay. Thank you, dear friend, for an great trade. I will treasure these for sure! I know one fact, I would not have found even the copycats here in the US. Another good point made.


I was also able to snag this cutie. Yup, he was still inside his netting! Yay! I was surprised no one had else did?! Now, I have a new boy to add to my growing Ninohira collection.

Last, I found this adorable vintage aluminum thermos also with the “Cherry Blossom” design as my pink one. A smaller version too. It’s nice with my other two thermoses, and a good thing to have a variety of sizes.

My growing vintage thermos collection…

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls


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