Finds from Japan, Are in!

Here’s what arrived to me today!


Some Yahoo Japan goodies, like a Mitsuwa soap tin, retro tulip forks, rement Asian set, “Goodwill” Door curtain, and ceramic Lamb couple…

I saw this cute Mitsuwa laundry detergent tin. I just had to see if I could win it and did?! LOL Love the vintage pose doll children graphics on it. Very retro.


This lovely Rement Asian Shop set, I wanted for, of course the miniature thermos! Ha.  Now, I have it in miniature too…


These cute tulip forks or Fondue forks are so cute. I will keep a set and sell a set in my shop. So dreamy and vintage!


I may keep this door curtain… still deciding, if not, it will be listed in the shop!


Oh my goodness, how cute are they?!


I love their eyes. Cute lamby couple with chain. Sadly, the chain needs to be changed out, rusted, and maybe the floral decals on the girl lamby’s head… They are keepers, but. I will have to make a lot of decisions… LOL

Thanks for checking my blog out! ~ ggsdolls


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