Painting the Miniature Twiggy Heads…

I got the amazing miniature Twiggy heads here. So, I of course wanted to paint them! I decided to paint two of them and keep the other two original.

My first attempt was terrible-_-; So, I cleaned them up and tried again the other day. We had a scheduled power outage, so the girls and I decided to draw and myself paint. I started on the head that still had some dark paint on the eyelashes. I finished one head and Taby wanted to do the other! So I had her work on it. We both finished just before the power came back on.

Here are the end results…

We used acrylic paint. The one I painted above and below. Taby painted this one, and she did a way better job, than I did! Nice!  I wanted this one to look more like my Twiggy bank.

A photo of the three together.

Then, I received this cute vintage anime girl case. I will be adding to the shop today!


Then, the girls and I decided to go to the 37th Annual Japanese Autumn Festival at Ypao Beach Park. It was really nice. We had a blast. I hope to go again next year!  There was food booths, performances, and game booths to enjoy! We sat by the main stage to enjoy some dance performances.

My souvenir from the event, an Ultraman mask. So many people were wearing their masks. Sara got two goldfishes she won playing the “Goldfish” game, and we all got masks too remember the day! So much fun!

Thank you for visiting! ~ ggsdolls


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