Amazing Finds Slowly Arriving…

Another amazing find I received today… I’ve been searching several areas for unique and interesting pieces both for my collection and also for my shop.

This item in particular has captured my attention for several reasons, let me explain… First, a look at the item!

Please excuse the nudity of the item. If you are younger than 18 years of age, please do not click to view! Thank you in advance for heeding the warning…


This interesting vintage nude lady coin bank, definitely made in Japan. I have seen in Yahoo Japan auctions, and even tried to bid on one, once, but was outbidded on it. This time while doing my usual searches, I came across one with a “Buy it Now” option.

Now, why I chose to get her? Mainly, for aesthetic reasons, she is gorgeous, the artist must be, Rune Naito? not sure… Though, nudity is not something I take lightly. But, just like my other three vintage ceramic figurines… I’m a bit weary of the this one, as being a bit more sexual in nature, than the native lady figurines. So, I got her!

She comes with her original polka dotted towel still attached to her. Sadly, her plug is missing. When you lift the towel…  …is the slot to put the coins in! Wild, I know. Haha, but, not surprised.  Very exotic, but also, a bit of history of a time gone by. 1960s perhaps? I will have to do a bit more research on her…

This cute enamel pin arrived from etsy.  My fave pins!

My new/old cabinet filled with goodies… Just wanted to share.

I added a hat and purse!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls


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