In the Shop!

I’ve already added a few items in my etsy shop! So, be sure to stop by and check it out…

These goods arrived from Yahoo Japan. I won this cute ceramic cat couple, a Geo puppy coin bank, and more of the Wanda-chan and Reset-chan anime figures to add to my online shop soon!


This cute cat couple is already listed in my etsy shop. I love the male cat’s big eyes and the female’s sleep eyes.


I’ve never seen up close a Geo type ceramic figurine or money bank. So, this was nice. He’s got huge eyes, and a nice gold tone chain necklace. No, problems on him that I can see. He too is already added to my etsy shop!


I love the unique Geometric design of this figurine.

Lastly, this cute vintage 1950s bear from Japan. I am still trying to do more research on him. He is not a Rushton. Hmm, not sure?  The seller I was able to get my friend to buy him from, also gave a gift. Sweet!

I changed out his red ribbon for a blue polka dot one. I may keep him? Not sure. LOL
Thank you for visiting! ~ ggsdolls


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