Toy Crane Machine Etc!

I didn’t show you, but, I also got a Toy Crane or Claw Machine via Yahoo Japan. I saw them up for bid and figured it would be nice to own one… I’ve always wanted to own a coin machine that rolls out a toy after inserting a coin… Now, I do! Awesome!


I added my shop Logo and the toys inside are from my collection of various gacha toys, Glico, necklaces, etc.

I even put the little pillows I made! LOL Taby was telling me, that I should bring this to next year’s Epixcon for my table. She also added I should get one more! Ha.


The machine is very easy to use, there are directions in English, and it comes with plastic coins to use. You will need to buy 3 “D” size batteries, and it doesn’t come with anything inside. After, you put in a coin, music starts to play and you have 60 seconds to grab something! It’s a lot of fun!

Only disappointment, is that, if the toys are too large, its doesn’t fall down the slot easily. So, the next time I fill this machine, it will be with goodies that are small enough to fall through the slot. LOL

Crane Machine Toy Video

Then, I also sewed a round pillow using the vintage Japan fabric and pom pom tassels I have… A round one below to put with my vintage baby doll…

I was able to repaint this cutie! Now, she’s ready for my shop!


Awe, that face though…

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls


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