Candy from Japan and Azone Nanaka!

I received a much anticipated small box of candies from Oyatsu Cafe!! From time to time, I will pick up a few goodies, I’ve fallen in love with from Oyatsu. Though, I no longer get the subscription boxes, I still enjoy getting some candies not available here on Guam! Yay


I loved Torotto in maple flavor, so I just had to get myself “Strawberry” flavor this time! Can’t wait to try them!

Of course also in “Creamy Chocolate”!  As of late, I’ve gotten into Ramune or Soda flavored candies…

This one is called, “Russian Roulette Gum – Grape”. Now, I know why… Taby, Sara and I tried them first, and they are like really sour bubble gum! Eek, my cheeks are still hurting from the sourness! I didn’t like the fact, that it only comes with 3 pieces were inside-_-;

Pure – Salty Watermelon gummies, and Morinaga Ramune Soda – Blue Hawaii. Sounds yummy!

I’ve always seen these at the train station in Japan, Mintia, and though, I tell myself, “I should get some.” I honestly, forget too or don’t. LOL So, I bought the soda flavored to try.

We’ve seen these candies too, “Coris Cola Whistle Candy & Toy”, and yes, I got them in soda flavor, and we tried them after the sour grape gum… Gosh, these were so much fun! You blow through the hole and it whistles for you! Ha. We loved it, and there were enough for us to try 3 times. The box at the bottom had a small top inside! We all took turns playing with it.

Then, my pre-order of The Original Happiness Clover Nanaka Doll/Rhapsody of Summer! I fell in love with her short bob hair style and big blue eyes!  She is very cute and 48cm tall instead of 50cm like Yui. She’s cute, but must admit, I don’t care for her legs…

She has the small breast size, but, big thighs like Yui, which makes her shorter calves look a bit awkward. Still, she will be fun to dress up with Yui! More on her later. I’ll need to do a better photo shoot! Ha.
Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls


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