Lots of Goods for My Etsy Shop!

Here’s what will be listed in my shop later today…

All these goodies are from Yahoo Japan and Japan website!
Below, I won another Tan Soft Vinyl Baby dolls in their original boxes.

This cutie with a phone and this baby, that I am so tempted to keep. Both dolls are nice and mint, their boxes is another story. LOL


I was able to get my friend to order this lovely vintage ceramic bunny couple from a website. Sadly, in the mail, the bunny got a part of his ear knicked and I had to reglue the top left portion. Still they are a lovely couple and will be so cute on a shelf or desk!

I then, won a Lot auction with about over 20 items… each will be added to my shop also!

Bunny and Chipmunk thermos. A Sanrio Kerroppi Character doll.  This lovely mod container to hold stuff with…

A pair of Car mugs.  Two chopstick holders, one with the cute “Three Little Pigs” characters on it…and a floral girlie one.  Three anime TV character chopsticks. I believe, “Candy Candy”,

I’m not quite sure who this character is…and the Iron Giant. Vintage floral cup with lid.

Anime coloring book, and a “New Stand” pick holder with box. This one below I may keep?? Rune Naito tall cup or is it a wine cup? Haha.


Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls


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