Vintage Cortendorf Figurines?

I’ve made many new friends via Instagram, and one particular friend has a shop called, “56Store“, in Thailand. They have an amazing vintage collection of 1940s thru 1970s decor, etc. I fell in love with their rare Cortendorf type Figurines of native ladies… I remember a friend of mine via Germany told me about them first. She collected them, and I just thought I’d try to see if they were for sale?! Sure enough, they were! Yay! I was able to purchase them and they arrived to me very quickly too!


These native ladies are so amazing for their age. Perhaps by the German company Cortendorf? “Founded in 1890 Cortendorf today is part of the city of Coburg-Cortendorf. The well known sculptor Albert Strunz introduced new sculpture designs such as the wall masks that West German Cortendorf pottery is well known for. These Figurines were produced from 1955 – 1960. In the Mid Century Cortendorf is well known for its female wall masks, riskay nude sculptures, animal shaped tea pots and in the 60’s produced figures with a wood grain appearance. After 1973 Cortendorf factory was acquired by the Goebel Company.” – by Retro Decor  Also, bit of history here by Nostalgie Corner.

Upon inspection of the girls, they don’t have the sticker that shows they are Cortendorf, instead they have just a sticker on them, “Japan”.


They both have hair glued on. These types of figurines are rare and can be very expensive. I’ve seen them as African, Hawaiian, and Native figurines. My faves are the figurines with hair most. The one with brown long hair has a faded flower, possibly a Hawaiian or Polynesian girl.


This girl has darker hair, is more curly and thick, and is a bit larger compared to the other. One is holding a water jug, and this one is holding a piece of cloth, probably washing clothes by a stream…

I will have to do a bit more research on them… Thank you again to 56Store for the amazing transaction! You guys were awesome. They both arrived safely, well-packed and super fast! I will shopping with you again!

Then, another sweet friend, KitschandKawaii, msg me about a cutie she found via etsy! Wow, thank you Christine for the notice. I snatched her up and here she is…

hongkongsitting doll-1

Similar to my other two soft vinyl dolls from Japan, this one is missing her hat and is made in Hong Kong, instead of Japan.  She is very similar, except for the feel of the vinyl, a bit more pliable and soft. She is a cute sister to my smaller version…

Just some random photos of cotton candy I was craving for a few days ago… Having fun with the rubber swan…


I also received from Amiami, my preorder of Rement’s Hitachi appliances. Just one of them below, the Hitachi color TV. It fits nicely inside, Tomy Little Rooms! More on the Hitachi brand miniatures later…

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls


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