Licca Chan or Atomaru Size ggsdolls Retro Dogs and Going to Expicon!!

Yes, I started to create smaller versions or 1/6 size versions of my retro dogs! I also hope to be selling them at Epixcon 2016!

Last year, I was asked to join Epixcon, well, this year I was invited again! Yay! So, deciding on what to make for the event was a no brainer… small doll size versions of my retro dogs, along with all the vintage goodies and anime goods I have in stock from my shop!


Pic not mine, Agana Shopping Center by graphic designer Tevin Flores(my son by the way, eep!).

These little cuties used a lot less wool to make and I was able to use the same size eyes, and nose. I also added tiny gold tone chain! The only difference with these besides not having the letter “G”, no brushes will come with them. But, they will still be in a cute clear display box!


The tricky part was being able to make them stay upright… I was also able to get smaller containers for them from!


The ones I made so far… Each one is unique!


Even Dreamer Girl Floral G loves them!

And Atomaru’s Doran Doran Aram Heukdan loves them! If your on island I will be at Epixcon on July 23rd! See you there! If not, I hope to add some to my etsy shop too!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls


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