Goody Store and Mail!

Had lunch uptown with a good family friend of ours. Afterwards, we went over to the goody store to pick up a few things…

The girls and I found cute fabric in cupcakes, strawberries and cute pink fabric, a curtain for the guest house, Glico Bisco snacks, an Awl, and wall hangers… The two kinds of Glico Bisco snacks. I’ve tried the red box, very yummy and creamy too. Now, to try the other!

Then, I received in the today’s mail a box from my friend of items she ordered and won for me…

Vintage retro fabric. I love the color and prints too! One can’t resist its cuteness!!

Two SWIMMER Japan swan containers or trinket boxes.  There are four colors, purple, pink, blue, and cream. I like cream best.


I was hoping they were larger, but these trinket boxes are small-_-; Oh well.

The swan reminds me of the Toei Animation, “Swan Lake”. I love her sweet face!


Around the same time I ordered the swan container, I found this Sankyo Swan Music toy?! Wow, like swan luck for real!


Via Yahoo Japan, the seller stated it was broken and junk. But, upon inspection, it still plays, and does move, just not as quickly.

You just wind the top and she is suppose to go. Not quite sure the song she plays, but still lovely. See video at the bottom of my post here.

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls


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