Vintage Stewart Spice Rack Set!

I found this amazing vintage spice rack by Stewart through etsy, and then later thru a wonderful website for retro goods in the UK here

Sadly, the one in etsy sold before I could get my hands on it… but, I was able to search and find the same set and bought it.



It arrived to me safely from the UK, and I just love it. I probably won’t use it for spices, but instead as storage on my work desk! I just love the colorful retro look it gives!


Also, a few updated pics below…

I replaced the pink bow on my Bunny bank, since the original one was faded. I also added a black bow to my Rune Naito Mermaid. I just love her hair. Now. if only Rune Naito would create a mermaid doll?! That would be dreamy…ahh

“Peekaboo”, a little anime girl is hiding in the silly mug. I also got another Chocoholic organizer, in mint color, with apple decor. Just too cute!

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls


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