Amazing Finds Arrive!

Today was another awesome mail day! Here is what came in…

This amazing condition vintage Japan ceramic Rune Naito Bunny bank, I found thru a Japanese online shop!

I will replace the bow and she will be added to my ceramic collection!


My very first ceramic bunny! I am just in love with her…

I was able to win this cute vintage squeak toy bear with big eyes through Yahoo Japan. I will add this minty cutie in my shop!

He has huge eyes and is in such nice condition for its age. I rarely see them this mint, and was truly surprised no one bidded on him except me-_-; poor baby! I know someone will adopt him, and give him a good home.

I found this Yahoo Japan item just before it ended. I’ve seen this set two other times, and often was outbidded on it… This time I won. Shocker! Vintage Harumi “Aiai” miniature furniture case with accessories.

I love the anime art work on both sides of the case. Nice and minty too.  Inside, a table with two chairs, and a tea set. On the other side, is a dresser with miniature perfume bottles and stool. Maybe about 1/12 in scale? Not sure. I will share more on this one later. It will be added to my collection.

This cute pin badge of Wakakusa no Charlotte/ Charlotte of the Grass. A Nippon Animation, Co. Ltd. TV series from 1977 – 1978.

The pin is nice and mint and will be added to my pin collection. I love the artwork on the card too.

This vintage silly face mug will be added to my shop. A vintage SWIMMER mug, missing it lid. But still a cute addition to any mug or cup collection. The company marking above.

I actually won this small vintage rubber tan doll last week, but forgot to show her off. She is a lot smaller than the others I’ve seen from collectors. She has a string at the top of her head to hang her.

Only her head moves. I will need to wash her hair… and may add her to my shop? Still deciding…LOL

A Finder’s Service commission below for a friend. Just the backside of the packing. So cute. I enjoy the artwork too. It’s a vintage girls jewelry accessory set. Sorry, no photos of the front it had a lot of bubble wrap and I didn’t want to open it up. It is slated to be ship soon.


Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls


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