Swimmer Goodies here!

Oh my goodness, all these amazing treats arrived from Japan today! I love Swimmer products and just had to get a few things for myself and one is available on my For Sale Page too!!


I was able to get these items, a beach hat, cute bunny & swan compact, dolly key ring…


The Beach hat above, too cute. I’ve always wanted one for myself, and it has a removable daisy flower that also doubles as a brooch or clip! Nice!

Cute compact above, with comb and mirror. Reminds me of the cute compacts of long ago… Very cheap too! I love the swan on it most.

I really needed a key ring to hold my keys and hook it to my bag. So, I couldn’t pass this cute one above. Such a kawaii dolly!

This cute Swan Lake Bag with the names of the characters from the Toei Animation version, Odile & Odette! Awesome! This is available on my For Sale page!! The pink ribbon bow can be used as a brooch as well! Not my photo above right.

This plastic organizer, I got from another shop, and it reminds me of the retro cute organizers from Japan.  It’s actually small, so, it will probably hold jewelry or other small trinkets. I can’t wait to use this on my desk!  Cute Tulip decor and blue gingham design inside. Two drawers to hold more trinkets, etc. Fun!


I also received my order from Amiami for Yui and my Picco gals! More on this later…

Below, some yummy snacks I got from the 100yen store.

Glico Mainichi Kajitsu Crackers, similar to Fig Newtons, just thinner. So yummy too! Not bad for 100yen!

Having fun with my pin collection above on a vintage jewelry holder! Yui, having fun!

Below, my Rune Naito tea cups…


Thank you so much for looking! ~ ggsdolls


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