Big Eyes Movie 2014

I finally, got a chance last night to watch the movie, “Big Eyes” 2014 by Tim Burton. Taby had been watching movies most of Saturday. So, her and I watched two others, “The Boy”, and “The Good Dinosaur”.

Back to Big Eyes…


The movie DVD above(not mine), is based on true events that happened to Margaret Keane, the artist later known for her “Big Eyed” Waif, children paintings. Also a bit of truths behind the scenes of the movie here.

Photo on left not mine from this site, The Bowery Boys: New York City History. Which talks about Margaret’s beautiful painting that was taken down from the 1964-65 World’s Fair. On the right, my screen shot of a bit of information on Margaret Keane.

Yes, I was late in watching this one, but now, I will definitely get the DVD, eventually. It was a truly a sad story, but also an empowering one. I have often seen Margaret’s paintings up for sale via ebay, etsy, etc. At a time, when Big Eyes are just as popular as they were back in the 60s and 70s, with Blythe dolls etc. Seeing how Margaret’s work came to be, and sadly how her husband, took credit for it, makes for great drama. Taby and I enjoyed the paintings and many were shown, some popular one’s that collectors today still collect…

I must admit, as of late, I have been searching for a few style paintings that I want for myself. More later… I did however manage to get these two via etsy, and for really cheap too! Though they are not Keane, I am like fairy tale, girlish cute, ballerina art. Lithographs are now my new faves…


Ballerina Lithographs 5 X 7 by Rico Tomaso, 1960s. So cute. I will have these framed and up on my wall soon…

Thanks for reading. ~ ggsdolls

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