Mail Day!

Here’s what came in this weekend… many items added to my shop too!

Since getting the cute teeny tiny posedoll, I decided to find a few more… I found these set of 3 vintage Japan crochet dolls. They are small enough, I believe for the tiny carriage. More on them later.


I found them through an etsy shop. Their face paint are very similar Bunka dolls. Cute for sure!


I found another cute underlay and this one will be added to my shop. So be on the look out!

May 2016 PINCLUB pin is here! Quite unique I must say…Ha!


A lot of Bento tins below. All will be added to my shop!

Licca above with chopsticks. Below, a Lot of 3 bento tins. The Lot will come with the bottle openers below!

My fave, a set of cute tea cups with Rune Naito art. I will keep two, and one will be added to the shop!  So cute! I’ve been wanting a few since seeing them in one of Ayumi Uyama’s books!

Cute pie Chi-chan and the tiny carriage!

She’s perfect with the tiny Bunka and carriage!

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls


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