The Little Mermaid Model Kit Bandai

I received my pre-ordered. Little Mermaid Castle Craft Kit by Bandai. Released this year, it is quite easy and lots of fun to put together!


The box above, with illustrations.

Below, inside, parts and instructions…

Assembly begins…


The instructions are very easy to follow, along with the illustrations it gives to complete each step. The first tower above is completed…

As long as you follow the instructions carefully, then you won’t be confused.  Each tower was so intricate, and so much fun to see come together!

The completed Castle below. Though I must admit the entrance and garden was somewhat hard to put together…


The kit even comes with a tiny clear red Ariel character figure to display with the castle. Do you see her behind the gates?



The entrance to the castle below… through the seaweed garden…

A closer look at Ariel in the photo above far right.


Another mermaid visits the castle…

The castle will be fun to use in some photo scenes. The castle lights up, but sadly it doesn’t come with the LED lights. Sold separately. A lovely addition to my miniatures collection.

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls


2 thoughts on “The Little Mermaid Model Kit Bandai

  1. Looks fantastic! My girls would love this. I found this by searching for diagrams on how to build Atlantica for one of my daughters school projects. Surprisingly, there is not a pdf of the manual for this anywhere. She has to use 3D shapes to build a castle and she choose Little Mermaid’s castle… long story short, I am trying not to reinvent the wheel and thought that I could use this picture of the base from the instructions and blow it up to the scale we are using. Any chance you could take a top down of the base with all the holes so I can accomplish this? I know, it is an odd request but will do anything for my little ones. By the way, would you post pics of the light kit (if you already haven’t)?

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    • Hi Mark, Thank you so much. I’m glad they could be of some help. I’m sorry, but I no longer have the model and box. I sold it some time ago. You might want to check this Japan website they may have some detail photos of the model kit? Sorry, I couldn’t be of further help. Hugs, Gigi
      website is


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