Vintage Retro Girl with Flowers!

I’ve seen these cute rubber girls in sitting position with flowers, before… and even repainted tiny little cake toppers to look like them. I was able to snag one, from a dear friend’s sale via IG!

She arrived to me today, adopted from Kitsch and Kawaii also on etsy.


Packaged nicely and Christine even added a gift, a Daruma doll hanky, how sweet! Thank you dear!


The retro doll is a lot smaller than I thought, and that’s okay. She needed a bit of cleaning up and possibly some paint too?

The hanky… so cute!

I cleaned her up and repainted her.


She needed a darker shade of blue eye shadow, where there was none if you look at her before photo above. I added pink lips, and nails.

Then, pink paint to the ribbon and bow on her hat. Braided her hair again and placed rubber bands.


Lastly, I replaced her bouquet of flowers with a vintage bouquet I had in my supplies drawer, saved from a vintage German miniature dollhouse flower vase. Yay!

Now, she looks much better. She is only as big as the head of my other retro girl! LOL

She will be loved and a great addition to my doll collection…

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls


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