Made a Friend! More Needle Felting Fun, Etc.

You know I had to make a friend to go with the retro boy bear I made! LOL So, here are some pics of Mrs. Bear!

yellow bear-2

When I started to make her, I told myself, I thought she’d be gorgeous in yellow, and she is!
As Mrs. Bear started to take shape, I put aside her yellow animated eyes and wanted to make sure I had the idea of her nose and mouth. I did use the same style nose for both the bears. But I didn’t want to sew on her mouth, so I opted for some red felt instead…

yellow bear-4

I used some of the white roving wool I got from Michaels to help with making her body. The rest was the roving wool from Hong Kong.

yellow bear-5

I started off with sewing her a dress, but it ended up being just s skirt and apron. Added her bow, and she was complete!

yellow bear-9

Though Mr. Bear is a bit more stuffed, which I like, Mrs. Bear seems a bit on the thin side. Still they make a cute couple right?

I’m hoping to make more retro cuties, using needle felt, but there are so many ideas in my head right now, its choosing one to start on, that can be daunting! Ha.

Also, I finally found this cutie! I have been searching for her since about 2010 or so. I stopped looking for her all-together back in 2014, and Presto! There she was listed via ebay with a Buy it Now! Yay me!

This is a vintage Marx 1960s doll. Not sure her name, but she has a very large head on a plastic body, only parts that move are her head and right arm. I’ve seen her in green here through flickr by chance. But, to find her any where else is next to impossible. I did have one close to being similar to her, now if only I can find where that photo is of the same doll? Ah, here it is! I knew I had her before. I have a doll will the same body. But I decided not to keep that one, only because she was not this gal below… Yes, I’m a bit picky. Ha.


She is nice and minty gorgeous! She came with a tiny doll also from Japan. I’ve seen these many times as a brooch or pin. Small like kiddles.


She will be a great addition to my collection!

yellow bear-8

Just a quick good-bye from Mr. & Mrs. Bear!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls


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