Mail for Today and More Needle Felting Fun!

Here’s what came in the mail today…


I found these amazing vintage cats in fork style for fruit cake, cheese, etc. Fondue stuff, I figured. I’ve seen them before on a friend’s photostream, but to be able to find an unopened set? Whoa, nice.

Now, to find a vintage container to keep them in!? Ha.


Then, I started looking for some cute dresses for Oike to wear! Yup, I named her after the company that made her… Sun-chan is sweet but I like the sound of “Oike” instead…

Anywho, these amazing vintage premier dolly fashions were available thru ebay. I binned this lovely blouse and skirt set, made for doll 9″ to 11″ tall. So, I figured it should fit Oike nicely?

It even comes with a hanger! Nice. From the same seller, I also found this lovely similar colored corduroy coat and hat.

also with hanger…

Above, Oike wears the blouse and skirt, a bit long, but, still cute on her. Then, I tried on the coat, right, She fits it nicely too and can be worn over her dress.

I did have to remove all the buttons on both fashions as they oxidized and corroded. Then, resewn some new buttons I had in my sewing stash. Good as new!

I also started needle felting again. This time just recreating a cute vintage bear that Taby owns…


I used this black roving wool from Michaels, its not soft and clean like the types of roving wool that come from Japan or Hong Kong, but this one is great, because it fills faster and can make for a much thicker bear. I do have to take out the little twigs or leaf that may be in the wool. Not too much of a bother.


His eyes I got from etsy. I do wish they were a bit smaller, but still I think he looks cute.

I will have to show what the actual bear looks like that I recreated him from… It was fun sewing his pants on, and finding all the things to recreate him.  Only item I wish I had, was a pom pom in red, for the top of his hat. So, I used felt instead.


Still, it is nice to see something be created out of virtually nothing! He will have a sister soon… I’m working on her next!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls


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