Vintage German Doll

Here is a quite unique wired dolly I won from ebay last month. I didn’t show it sooner, only because, I decided to modify her a bit. She sold to me fairly cheap and I thought I’d give her a new look?!

Here is what she looked like before…


One eye showed that the her eye makeup bled a bit and made a line or was it a defect? Her hands(not shown) were like chicken feet with just wires, and her feet on the right photo, do not look like feet at all.

I am not sure what these dolls may have been used for except maybe the larger dollhouse furniture or 1/6 scale size, I’m assuming? Like Strombecker type furniture… She is quite large about 15 inches tall. Her clothing fashion is sewn on, or tied onto her body. Her blouse for example has a button, but you can’t take off her blouse. Her pants are basically tied to her waist by string and her feet sewn onto the end stubs of wire at the bottom.

So, I decided to get some craft dolly parts and revamp her. I gave her new arms and cut off those chicken fingers for hands. Below, I painted over her eyes and gave her some blush, blue eye shadow, and just eyeliner…


Then, I added some eyelashes, I had set aside from the 100yen store for my Birinchina dolls. I think they worked out well.


See her new hands too?! A bit darker tone, but that was the best I could find besides light.

I may trim her eyelashes a bit more. She has mohair behive hair, which I may change to a wig or not… I have only to work on her stick feet next. More on this gal soon!

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls


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