Rement Snoopy’s Retro Kitchen!

I recently ordered a released Rement set of Snoopy’s Retro Kitchen thru Amiami! It arrived to me and wow! So many amazing retro goodness you just can’t resist!!rementretrosnoopya-1


After opening the sets… Wow! I love each and every item in the box! Just a few of my most faves below for you to see!


Some of the cute things above and below, the cute lunch box. I remember them from ages ago. Comes with a thermos, and all the cute yummies. The rootbeer bottle awesome! The radio, even a newspaper! LOL


Some of the lunch box items are not in this set, but from other sets in my collection…


Then, this lovely plate dish holder set, will look awesome in Tadie’s house too?! The only thing not from the set is the miniature sponge, the set comes with a Snoopy sponge instead.

Also, just wanted to add the Paper Art app fun I’ve been having with Starsha below:


Original photo above, below the fun!

The app is really fun, they do have it for iphone as well, at $2.99. On the Samsung it was already downloaded. So, its been fun and easy to mess with.

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls


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