Oyatsu Box for January!!

My Oyatsu subscription arrived today! Still trying to convince myself that I’ve enjoyed it all and I’m done, but next month is Valentine’s so, I may just keep one more coming?! LOL

A good excuse right?!


Here’s what came in…


So many goodies, I have not tried before! Yay!


Pamphlet above.


Oreo – Hokkaido Milk in Premium Boxes only!! Can’t wait to try this one!

Taby and Sara will love these two above and below.  Popin’ Cookin’ – Animal Candy above, and Kabaya Panda Cake below.

Below Takoyaki Nori, Sara will love this Octopus flavored sushi wraps!


Left, Koikey Corn Potage, and right, Yoshimura Kelp Crackers. Both sound interesting to try?!

Puccho – Fizzy Candy, ohhh, looks yummy?! And Gudetama Gummy, very popular right now too! I see a lot of this character all over Rement and Katan products!

Meat Karamucho Kyu chips, spicy it says too! Oh, I’ve seen this one on the right, but have yet to try it? Skal Candy…


Gachapon this month is Brook eraser from the manga “One Piece“. I gave it to Taby, she loves anything from One Piece!

Then, I also received a box from Oyatsu Cafe in the mail. I decided to go to Oyatsu Cafe, to order particular goodies the girls and I wanted to try, along with ordering a few more of the one’s I fell in love with! They were having a sale, too, so I couldn’t resist!!


Above, in the small box that came in…


Crispy Shittori Choco, I want to try because it looks similar to the one below, Torotto – Maple! I was tempted to getting this one from a dear fellow blogger, All the Ame! Her delicious description of this treat was making me drool!! LOL

Torotto is a bit bitter, but all the maple just makes up for it! Sara and loved it. Taby on the other hand did not… oh well, more for me!

Sakuma Drops – Original Version, above. I’ve tried the newer version and they are good, but I wanted to try the original and it will be yummy to snack on while watching “Grave of the Fireflies” by Studio Ghibli!


Morinaga Choco Balls – Caramel above. The last time I had this was as a child, so can’t wait to have em’ again! Yippee!


Lastly, Meiji Coffeebeat also another I’ve been wanting to try. I didn’t take a photo of the Giant Caplico, only because. I shared about it before, but yup, just had to get it again. It was so yummy too!

I will admit, Oyatsu Cafe did cost about the same as getting an Oyatsu Box subscription, but this to me was more expensive, with only six snacks -_-; even though you get only the particular snacks you want for yourself. It is much cheaper and more fun to get the subscription box!! Just my opinion…

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls


2 thoughts on “Oyatsu Box for January!!

  1. Ahh I can’t believe they included the Hokkaido Milk Oreos! They’re selling for $9.99 on their site so I assumed they wouldn’t include them and bought some…guess I now have two bags on the way then! Hope they’re good!

    I agree that it is a cheaper and more fun way to try out lots of snacks with Oyatsu Box rather than buying from Oyatsu Cafe. I love Oyatsu Box! ^__^

    Great post, I’m glad you liked the Torotto Maple too 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • HI Ame,

      Oh my goodness! Sorry to hear you got two, but I agree it’s okay. There are only 13 pieces inside, I know they will get eaten fast. So, I think you made the right choice! My daughters will eat them up before I can get to try more! Ha! Thank you dear, I enjoy your posts even more because of your detailed descriptions of each snack. When I read your Torotto review, Oh my goodness, you made me drool!! I know Oyatsu is happy to have you on their corner, they don’t realize you are very good at making those of us who don’t know about them, more knowledgeable! Many warm hugs from Guam, gg

      Liked by 1 person

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