Why I Collect?

I recently read a relative of my husband’s post on fb, of her thoughts on collectors being hoarders, was basically, the gist! Naturally, I was a bit miffed. But, an after thought came… and I guess for some, if not, most who are non-collectors, may not know the reasons behind those who do collect.

Some choose to be ignorant and use simple explanations as to why people would collect one thing or another. It’s actually quite dumbfounded, that people think they are not collectors?

Ergo, what about those who collect recipes from their Grandma and family members, favorite book reads, quotes or Legos for their children, is that not a type of collection? We don’t hoard either, most sell their collections in time. If you’d like to read more, here is a link that can help you gain a bit of knowledge on the issue.

So, just a bit of a “Booyah!” so to speak, to this particular relative, and those who think they don’t collect something or another or understand why others do? Here’s my gist below!


Thank you very much for listening to my rant on this. ~ ggsdolls


4 thoughts on “Why I Collect?

  1. Wow, saying that a collector is a hoarder…do they not realise what hoarding is? Because it’s not just collecting a bunch of related items…hoarding is a legit disorder and it’s a bit insulting to both hoarders and collectors to imply they are the same thing!

    I quite agree with you that everyone has something they collect, whether they want to call it a collection or not. Photographs are another thing lots if not most would tend to have a collection of. Sorry, but there was really no need for that relative or indeed anyone else to state someone must have a mental disorder because they collect things. Different people collect different things and after staying with an actual, medically diagnosed hoarder for many years I can confidently say collecting most certainly is not hoarding :/

    Your list sums it up quite nicely. There’s no shame (and no medical disorder) in collecting items you enjoy 🙂

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    • Dear ATA, thank you so much for sharing your story here and thoughts as well. I truly appreciate it very much.
      I tell myself that there are a few people in this world, that are just ignorant and possibly even hypocritical,
      with what they believe to be the truth. I agree with you, it is a bit insulting to both hoarders and collectors
      to have such a narrow-minded idea of what either does or deals with.
      I can only hope this relative will read all of this and realize they are not as ‘all knowing’,
      or impervious to collecting as they would like to believe… much love and thank you very much, gg

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