More Galaxy Eyed Girlie Goods…

Today, I received some cute galaxy-eyed girlie goods below! From Yahoo Japan auctions. I won this amazing Lot of two vintage memo’s! Miss Peynet is modelling for me…mail01092015a-1

In the lot, is this lovely floral memo planner. It has a notebook pad and token or coin holder inside. I will add to my shop!

Then, this lovely memo compact case with notebook. I actually own another. But I’ve decided that this one I will keep and the other I have already listed in my shop!


Both memo cases side by side above.

I also decided to organize my jewelry case below. It holds many of my vintage treasures…


Many of my vintage brooches, toy necklaces, rings, etc. Lots of dreamy anime girlie goodies!!

It was fun to organize, and try to see what can fit inside it, even when I place the clear cover on it.


My vintage dolly brooches above. So cute, side by side. I forgot I had ‘the girl holding dolly’ one, until I looked inside my tv jewelry box?! LOL I have more, but sadly, it can’t hold too many things, darn.
Then, I also got my etsy reader in the mail. Now, when I go to an Epixcon event or flea market, I can take credit cards! Yay!
 It will make taking payments a lot easier, then just “Cash N Carry”. Awesome!
I also wanted to share with you these two photos below: Me trying to be artistic… Hehe!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls


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