My Mail Today…

A few things arrived to me while I was away…

I bought two items from a dear friend’s website! She had this cute “Pretty Cure Healing Chest” gacha toy set from 2011! It was adorable and on sale too, so, I couldn’t pass it up! Then, she also had some vintage Macoto Style sticker sets, I just had to have for my collection!


So, I quickly snatched them up and they arrived very fast too!


The Pretty Cure chest is the cutest thing ever! I will use it in my photo shoots, hopefully? That’s if I don’t forget! LOL

The chest opens and you put the stickers on. Inside, there are a set of keys you can push on that makes the child-size ring pop up! Such fun!


This cute set of Macoto-style stickers, vintage of course. I think they can still stick onto stuff…

Each sheet has such cute Galaxy-eyed girls!!


There are five sheets of sticker fun!

I see Marie Antoinette… Many familiar retro girls from Macoto type of art as well.

Thumbelina, and a few others. Anime is not drawn like this anymore -_-; ahhh, the memories!

Lastly, I found a replacement fridge for Tadie Muz’s house! Yay! Finally, after a lot of constant searches… A vintage STICE plastic fridge from a dear friend’s shop here on etsy!


It still had it plastic bag on. 1950’s I am told. It came with a few extra pieces inside…

Tray for ice? Three coke bottles, Meat or cheese, and a cup, I believe. I do wish it had a rack on the door and a pull out drawer… Maybe I could find one to fit in it? Still, I think it will work beautifully inside Tadie’s House!

Tadie posing with her new/ old fridge!

Just a closer look at the fridge… needs a bit of cleaning from years of storage!

Bright yellow shelves!


Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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