A Song Dedicated to The Love of My Life…

I rarely like to show pics of myself, only because I feel its not about me, and I want my friends to focus on, what I love to do… Collecting.

But, recently a song I heard on the radio(video below), made me think of someone very special to me… My soulmate, my husband, the man who still stands by me in more ways then I can ever realize. The irony is that we dated back in High School! Believe it or not?! But, I wasn’t ready to be serious at 17years old. So, let him go.

He fell in love, got married, and had a baby girl. Where as, I did the same, got engaged, had a baby boy and moved off-island. Years later… He was divorced and I moved back to Guam with my son, and single. He was always close to my brother’s and still came around my family. Then, one day we found each other, talking again and…

Fast forward to the present, the point is we found each other again. Fell in love and have two beautiful daughters, our two older children are adults and on their own. Taby’s in High School and Sara’s in Elementary, not to forget to mention, we have a grandchild. It’s been an amazing journey and I can only hope many more memories to come… This song Asaguahu/my love, is for you, for us, and always…


The song is by Nathan Sykes, “Over and Over Again.” For all of you, still in love, after all these years. Thanks for reading a bit, into my personal life.~ ggsdolls

Video, Nathan Sykes “Over and Over Again.”


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