Working on Les Maison de Tadie Muz!

Since I got Tadie’s house back in July 2015, here. I’ve been trying to find furniture pieces to complete or at least replace some of the items the house is missing, and also finding ways to make the blinds, carpets, and curtains you see in Tadie’s booklet.

I did replace the small coffee table, and small drawer set here.

…and so, here are some of the items I have been working on!

Fixing the mirror on the double vanity. I found a shop here via etsy that makes these lovely plastic mirror sheets that you can cut with scissors, perfect for replacing missing mirrors on doll size vanity, or closets, etc. I actually got a sample from them and used just the sample to fix the mirror below! Awesome and FREE! Hehe!


Just because, I thought it could use a door knob, I found one for the kitchen door. None of Tadie’s doors in the house, with the exception of the front door, have door knobs. But, with the lovely hinges already on the doors, I just figured the kitchen needed one! I found this simple 5 piece Brass door knob kit on ebay, and with a safety pin, made a hole through the thick cardboard, then pushed the knob pin thru, and screwed on both sides of the knobs, along with the plates in place, and ‘TaDa’! It was done. Now, the kitchen door looks lovely.


Through ebay Germany, I found these miniature awning sheets, and decided to try to create the awnings you see in the booklet! Yes, there are awnings on Tadie’s house! Other than the orange cardboard awnings you just place on the roof of the house. You can’t see them when the roof is placed on top. In the photo from a catalog below, the awning is visible at the top, in blue and white stripes, just under the wording.


I purchased two sheets in the only print they had. Just in case, I made any mistakes I could redo, and they were nicely priced too. I had to figure out how I would make the frame for them? I searched online and nothing, at least not the way I had to get them to look. So, I got some bendable wire from my local hardware store. The wire is insulated with plastic to keep the wire from rusting and it also helps with pliability. I cut two wires in 12 inch lengths.


I cut the awning sheet in half, and began to sew the back side onto the wire itself. I then, loosely, sewed three sections of the front of the awning drapes to the other wire that will go on front.


When I was done I folded over the front of the awning sheet to allow for the draping. I made two sets, since the sheet is not long enough for the one set of sliding doors. I then, placed each sheet side by side as you see below.


I bent the wires, using my wire cutters, in the front to sit onto the wire at the back. Then, bent them some more in the position you see them below to sit on the beam and lock into the beam at the top side.


In this photo, also not mine from Tadie’s catalog, you see the bamboo blinds on the left! In the catalog photo shown earlier, you can also see the blinds just above the double vanity!


How am I going to find miniature blinds? hmm… I tried searching online for anyone who makes em’ for sell, and nothing came up. So, while thinking on it further, I figured out that Japanese bamboo sushi mat rollers when opened up, kinda looked a lot like blinds! Ha! Eureka! I went to my local grocery store, and picked up two sets. Fairly cheap to buy too!


I did try to find one’s with smaller picks, but these were the standard size. When you roll them open, there are five sections where it has the rope or threading. I just had to figure out where to cut the picks and also to be sure that they would fit the window or door area. With one set, you can make two blinds, one for a door and one for a window. I simply used scissors to cut them.

I then, got some wire, these were actually leftover wires from my Unoa Quluts Light bjds. I cut four one inch in length wires as shown below, left. I used my wire cutter to make “S” hooks below. The very same S hooks they teach you to make for small bjds. I will use these to hold the blinds in place and also as a holder when I roll them up, on the window or door treatments.


What they look like below, when hung in place.


I also had to replace one side wall panel, and a wall. Since either, there are two acrylic doors missing or just a wall panel? not sure… I basically used cardboard, and poster project paper to reprint the bathroom wallpaper for the one side wall that is missing in the photo on the left. Then, used wood printed contact paper to cover or decorate the other side as shown below on the right in the kitchen.

I was able to find some Miniature Fishing Net Filet Lace 20″ X 20″, thru ebay to use as the netted curtains. I still own the original ones that came with the house, but I wanted more for the other windows and doors. Please note these are a bit more pricey to get. But are worth it, if you want to get some curtains similar to the one’s Tadie has in her booklet!


The awning above, blinds, and curtains are in place… Ahhh, I’m happy with the results!

More photos of the house soon!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls


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